Teresa Magnuson

Teresa Magnuson

Always Sunny & Clear

As a Minnesota graphic designer + surface designer, Teresa turns her whimsical illustrations into repeatable patterns, which become adorable fabrics, home decor or stationery.

Teresa’s first fabric collection of fish motifs, campers, and mosquito designs brought a pop of color and whimsical charm to projects of many fabric lovers throughout Minnesota in 2016.

Growing up with a brain for math and a heart for creating things, when Teresa had to decide on a career, she followed her heart – she got her degree in computer graphics and apparel design. At that point, she could design and sew anything from fabric. But with the internet making its debut, she chose to focus on the communications side of design, instead of the apparel side, and worked as a graphic designer for most of her career.

She spent seven years working for an apparel company and sixteen years as a Sr Designer for another company, where she engineered wicked-cool sports graphics.

“More and more, I kept getting asked, ‘When are you going to make your own stuff?’ I didn’t have an answer to that until now.”

Today she specializes in creating visual branding for creative small businesses and entrepreneurs, crafting custom logos and graphics in print and digital. As much as she loves doing that, she also specializes in surface design – it’s her passion.

Inspiration for Teresa’s Sunny & Clear brand name derived from growing up in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes and the delight of a perfect sunny day.

Teresa Magnuson