Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I become a customer? 

Click here to read about how to become a customer.


2) Where can I buy older released fabrics that are no longer sold by Clothworks?

Once a collection has sold out, it’s typically gone from our warehouse and can only be found in stores carrying it. To find out which stores purchased a collection, check the Where to Buy page and type in the collection name. Otherwise, a great search engine for finding fabrics is  Note: It is very unusual for us to do reprints.


3) Can I use fabric with gold metallic print in the microwave?

The fabric mill recommends against putting fabric with gold metallic print in the microwave as the pigment in the printing has brass mixed into it.


 4) I own a store outside the US—how can I carry your fabrics? Or, I live outside the US, where can I buy your fabrics?

 We sell to distributors across the world. Click here for a list.


 5)  Do you offer free patterns?

Yes!  Enter “Free Patterns” in the search field on the Projects page of our website to see them all.


6)  I bought a kit a while ago and want to check if the pattern instructions have been updated.  I don’t see my pattern on your site.  

Good idea to check before you start your project! We archive older patterns and remove them from our site but have them all on file in our office.  Please email patterns(at)clothworks(dot)com for assistance.


 7)  Is Clothworks on any of the social media sites?

Yes, Clothworks is on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.  We also have a Blog called ‘The Works’ with lots of creative ideas for you.


8)   Do you offer cut goods? If so, what types?

 We offer these cut goods with many of our collections:

Strip Rolls

40 strips in each roll (there may be duplicates)

2 1/2” wide x width of fabric (usually 44/45”).

Fat Quarter Bundles

1 of every SKU in the bundle (varies by collection)

A fat quarter is approximately 18” x 22”.

5” Square Bundles

42 squares in each bundle

5” squares

10” Square Bundles

42 squares in each bundle

10” squares


 9)   Can I shop your warehouse?

Yes, the warehouse is open to businesses that have been approved to have a Clothworks account. The warehouse is open during business hours from 8am- 4pm, Monday through Friday. We love our customers, so come on in!


 10)   A few fabric facts:

Clothworks fabric is printed or dyed in the USA, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and China.

Most Clothworks fabric is 100% cotton and is almost always printed on shirting.  We also carry some super soft 100% polyester LuxCuddle.

Most Clothworks fabric is 44/45" wide.  It comes rolled on tubes to our Seattle warehouse where we double and roll it onto bolts. 


Become a Customer

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Clothworks customer.  As a wholesaler of fine quilting fabrics, we sell exclusively to retailers and manufacturers.

To apply, click here to download all the documents you will need.  Please fill them out and send them to our customer service team at info(at)clothworks(dot)com or mail to our office.  The components of the New Customer Packet include: 

1. Introductory Letter

2. Customer Information Form

3. Credit Application Cover Letter

4. Credit Application